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Herbs To Home Overview

Herbs to Home is an urban rooftop-gardening and soilless farming enterprise. We are passionate about organic farming, and our aim is to create a garden in every house.

With our population continuing to explode, the demand for fruits and vegetables is unabated. But with the vicious circle of demand, greed and contamination also exploding, it’s increasingly difficult to access organically grown food that is safe and nutritious. That’s why, for more than half a decade now, we have leveraged the wisdom that abounds in our traditional agricultural practices. To put the growth of your food in your own hands.

Using vermicompost, a natural product obtained by the mixture of decomposing agricultural wastes and worm castings (vermicast), we have created a natural product that can be used without soil as a lightweight base to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants – plants that are free of pesticides and therefore the potential to create disease. And what that means for you is the joy of homegrown food and the company of plants – without even getting your hands dirty.






A love for fruiting trees and herbs flowered into a post-retirement hobby for Mr. Bhat, as he founded Herbs to Home to fuel his passion.

Originally a mechanical engineer from the Regional Engineering College, Suratkal, Mr. Bhat retired from the Vishakapatnam Steel Plant to let his love for gardening blossom into a venture that can benefit others.



A mechanical engineer with a leading Infrastructure design company in Bengaluru, Mr. Bhat, who practiced gardening as a hobby, has assumed the mantle of guiding people towards sustainable food growth and consumption, and healthy living.

Mr. Bhat, whose house itself is a study in sustainability, with an LEED Platinum rating, is passionate about relieving crops of the pestilence of fertilizers and chemicals and helping people discover the nourishing pleasure of growing vegetables under their own tender loving care.