Terrace Gardening for Wholesome Health.

Shun chemicals and grow vegetables and fruits organically. At your home. We sow; you reap.


Balcony Gardens for Breezy Living

Still hanging clothes on your balcony? Try plants. They look better and you breathe cleaner.

Indoor Plants for Inner Peace

Bring home a plant. Plant brings cheer. Success.

Gardening Products for Sustained Growth

You’ll need a few things to garden. We have them all. Grab them. Grow on.

Why Herbs to Home?

Our allegiance is to your well being. Everything we do is geared towards improving human health with the power of plants.


Passion and experience are the bedrocks of excellence. And we have both. When you pick us, you walk on solid, trustworthy ground.


Needs are as varied as individuals. We understand this. That's why we personalize our suggestions and offerings to match what you want.


Isn't it just nice to have everything in one place? Whether it's a pot or a plant, you needn't go anywhere else. We have all you need.


With Herbs to Home by your side, you’re never alone. We’re always with you with a range of the very best products and services.

Start a Garden. Grow Your Health.

Plants are the reason we’re alive. Plants are life. Start a garden today. With us by your side, it’s easy.

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Something Free. To Free You from Chemicals.

Cheers on coming this far. Here’s a free guide on which vegetables you can easily grow at home.

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