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Herbs To Home Overview

Herbs to Home is an enterprise whose focus is on urban rooftop gardening and soilless farming. Having an experience of 5 plus years of successful rooftop gardening, now the team eyes to create awareness by creating a garden at every house. Population explosions mean more demand for fruits and vegetables.


To put a break to this vicious circle of demand, greed, and contamination, we decided to go back to the roots of agriculture.Vermicompost, a natural product obtained by the mixture of decomposing agriculture wastes

and worm castings (vermicast) can be a soil less and light-weight base to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants. The plants grown from these base are pesticide-free, disease-free.


In order to reach each and and every home, we provide complete terrace gardening experience. From choosing the crop to rotating them and using right vermicompost, we are an one stop sustainable solution


We envision to take our roof-top gardens to every home and ensure that everyone is growing and eating pesticide and chemical free, healthy fruits and vegetables while retaining sustainability.






MR.VS BHAT, Mechanical engineer by Profession From REC suratkal, retired from Visakhapatnam steel plant.

Mr.Bhat is one of the founders of Herbs to home, post-retirement the hobby he chose as a passion and pass time was gardening.

His love towards various fruiting trees and herbs made him execute a prototype small fruit garden with seasonal flowers and few exotic plants in the neighboring plot of his house.



Mr.K.V BHAT is a mechanical engineer by profession working in one of the leading Infrastructure design Company in BANGALORE, gardening started as a hobby and now as a drive to reach out to more people towards healthy growing
of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

More than 3 years of successful pilot implementation made this idea more stronger and full proof. Roof has so much potential for soilless implementation of cultivation of crops.

With More and more infestation of Fertilizers and pesticides into the crops makes it, even more, safer to grow your own leafy vegetables right in front of your eyes and nourish the taste of these healthy crops.

Mr.KV Bhat’s house is also a sustainable house with LEED platinum rating, the house is constructed with lot of Recycled materials.